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There are indications that eliminating inflammatory mediators, bacterial toxins and tissue degradation proteins from the systemic circulation can restore immunoreactivity and positively affect the clinical condition of patients with organ failure. The CytoSorb®-Adsorber is an approved medical device for such extracorporeal blood purification. In order to assess its long-term benefit and safety, the International CytoSorb-Registry was established. The aim of this registry is to record the use of CytoSorb® in different clinical settings under real life conditions in as many cases as possible. Only data that is routinely recorded will be fed into the registry; CytoSorb® will not be used just to get data for the registry. Results generated from the CytoSorb-Registry will help broaden the knowledge about the clinical effectiveness of this medical device, and identify potential treatment associated complications. That’s why we would be glad if as many CytoSorb® users as possible took part in the International CytoSorb Registry.

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Expert opinions on the CytoSorb-adsorber:

  • Critically ill patients with severe SIRS who do no longer response to standard treatment are the target group that benefits most from CytoSorb. The CytoSorb adsorber should be used as early as possible in order to stabilize the patient and thus bring about a turn for the better. Adsorption therapy with CytoSorb is very user-friendly. The quick reduction of catecholamines without rebound effect was a sustainable treatment effect. Patients could be disconnected from the respirator earlier than expected."

    Professor Karl Träger Leiter der kardiochirurgischen Intensivstation des Universitätsklinikums Ulm
  • In major cardio-vascular surgery it is of course an advantage to have a tool available that eliminates these mediators. Especially in patients with high infection and inflammation parameters, CytoSorb is the means of choice. We use the adsorber if long surgery durations are anticipated and if patients undergo repeated surgery or need to be on CPB for a long time. I expect that in the next years, CytoSorb will become a standard therapy in repeated cardiac surgery. In addition, I think it might be possible that CytoSorb is used in patients with cardiogenic shock or under resuscitation who are undergoing portable CPB."

    Frank Born, M.CT. Kardiochirurgie LMU München
  • Prof. Klaus Krenn assumes that by using CytoSorb in septic patients renal failure without hemodialysis can probably be prevented by specifically filtering the increased myoglobin from the blood, so that the renal tubules can no longer be harmed. He thinks that preventing renal failure is more sensible than treating it later on. CytoSorb therapy is safe user-friendly."

    Professor Claus Krenn Universitätsmedizin Wien

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